Kohukohu is an historic settlement on the north shore of the Hokianga Harbour, and the traditional homeland of the Ngapuhi people.  It is an area where Kauri was logged, and shipped in great quantities over the bar at the mouth of the Harbour.  Records show that sixteen ships were lost when attempting the crossing, the last recorded being the schooner Isabella de Fraine which was lost with all eight crew in July 1928 after capsizing at the bar.

The name Kohukohu means ‘cursed’ in Maori.  Apparently Kupe, one of the great Maori explorers, was angry because the food from the hangi (earth oven) was insufficiently cooked.  Therefore he cursed those responsible using the word ‘kohu’.  Because the word ‘kohu’ also has another meaning of ‘misty’, you can take your pick which one is correct.

From the south, Kohukohu is accessible by taking the ferry from Rawene.  It has a thriving art community.