runner beans
I can’t keep up with
flashing scarlet against the fence
climbing through the feijoas
and the silver beet
has gone mad

calendula just opening
orange faces to the sun
and that beautiful blue
that’s borage
with its tap root
deep in the good earth

while that big thistle
growing above
the hydrangeas
is really an artichoke
just waiting
for a flower

silver beet
and courgettes
are sparring in the raised bed
and next door
lettuce and tomatoes
jostle for supremacy
rich pickings



It’s one of those days when the weather can’t make up its mind.  The washing is hanging on a rack on the back porch because I know it will rain the minute I hang it on the line.  When the sun comes out it is beautiful, but then it is dark again and raining.  I look out of my front window and am struck by the way that even in the grey, my little Azalea shines against the fence…

dull day
the sun in unexpected