My sonnet for Poetry 201

I see the earth, its virgin glory spent
the forests dead, the mountains torn and rent
by conflict, and the hatred of the dead
who lie, old bones, beneath a lowering sky.
Gone now the tread of armies marching past
and sound of words long said, that never last.

But then, I look again, and hope revives
there are still left good men beneath earth’s skies
and women too, who seek to find a way
to bring back love, and let the children play
add nurture to the earth, throw out the dross
and help us to avert that last cruel loss.

I pray to God that we will find the right
before the world sleeps in eternal night.

last sunset


Wai-O-Tapu (Sacred Waters) is a large area of thermal activity north of Rotorua, within the active Taupo Volcanic zone.   The area is very colourful due to the minerals held in suspension.  The yellow is sulphur and the red-brown is from iron oxide.  There are lots of boiling mud pools and the vegetation is mainly stunted Manuka.

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