I will be starting to post ‘Fearless Fred and the Flood’ out this coming week – and $(NZ)2 from every book I sell personally will be going to our local Rescue Helicopter

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Fearless Fred personifies the power of the imagination, especially for the very young.  He’s back in this new adventure, now sporting pirate garb and ready to take on fresh challenges — whatever the weather.  Prepare to be won over by a jaunty rhyming text and bright and breezy illustrations that together reveal the chaotic charm of the farmyard.  This sequel will cement Fred’s character in readers’ hearts, as the small country kid with the big imagination.  

Annemarie Florian – author and book-seller

Fred retails at $(NZ)20 and is post free within New Zealand.  Reply to this post if you are interested or reach me through my ‘contact’ page.

filthy Fred


Storm clouds gathered in more ways than one yesterday.  First of all I discovered that Windows had started downloading Windows 10 onto my computer while I was away from my office, and I was a bit reluctant to stop it at that stage for fear of doing further damage.  I knew it was going to be a problem with some of my software, which was the reason I kept turning down their free offer.  Sure enough, I am having untold trouble with my photography downloads.  Still working on that but I did manage to get some down through a tortuous process – so here is my mood…