_The Songs of the seasons

A haunting poem that speaks to us all…


The songs of seasons

A Story by Coyote Poetry


A Native American tale.


                                The song of fall
Warm days, cold nights.
Create an restless passion.
I can hear the whisper of the wind
on a solitary hill.

Old Mother Nature is calling for aid.
The water is sick with pollution.
No great forest for the animals to live and roam.
Poison is in the air.
Killing man and the trees.

The song of fall.
Sweet death begins.
Leaves turn the trees to artwork.
The splendor of the of the change in season.
Leave the wise in envy of the great gifts of nature.

I find a solitary spot and burn some sage.
I pray for Nature and man. I say out loud family and friends names.
I drink a beer for my Soldier friends lost in war.
I pray to dance  with my elders one day.
It is a…

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This beautiful little sea-bird is one of our endangered species.  From what was once an abundant population around the coasts of both North and South Islands, they are now confined to the lower half of the Northland Peninsula.  One of the reasons why I hate vehicles being allowed to rip up our beaches is the damage they do in the breeding season to the eggs and young of our beach-dwelling birds.

Fairy tern1

Fairy terns

(enlarge for detail)