Another rave review for Fred…

Well I took your 2 books to Perth for my Grandies and they loved them, was so lovely to hear them reciting “and the ducks were chasing puddles in a happy little gang” everytime we got to that page, what a great idea to repeat something where the kids feel like they can read and interact with the story. My little Grandson (3 yrs old) Jack, that lives here, thinks the whole story is about him and our little dog, very cool. Both books are great, the first one you did was all of the adults in the family’s favorite, we can all remember having an imagination like that. And loved that its so NZ.

If you want your copies just message me with my ‘contact’ form…just-fred-001



Fred had his launch on Saturday.  Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera, so I’ll have to wait for some photos from others who were there…but I thought I’d give you a glimpse of the kind of reception he’s getting.

A friend had your book Fearless Fred and the Flood at our connect group the other night, it’s delightful!  Just saw your first book “Fearless Fred and the dragon” too so I’ll order that one too if you have a copy available.  …When I saw your book and now your website I was stoked! I’m going to keep a copy of Fearless Fred and the Flood to read to the rest of my little grandchildren here. I love your poetry and photos too, so creative! Looking at getting your poetry book at a later date.

Thanks Maureen, I really like your book, great verse, good bright pictures, and love the chorus. I just know that Austin will love it, do you know that he already goes around quoting bits of ‘Fearless Fred’ and can finish quotations his mother starts from the book!

Fearless Fred and the Flood. Priceless.  I gave this book to my 3 year old grandson for his birthday. He loved it, loved the rhyming and remembered the words .the illustrations are awesome. I had fond memories of Harry and thought I recognised the red barn and the tractor. Thanks Maureen.

Thanks so much, Maureen! I love it!

If you want your copy, he’s easy to buy both in New Zealand and overseas simply go to my contact button on my home page and I’ll get back to you…

…and in case you don’t already know, the illustrator is Terry Fitzgibbon


People have been asking me how they can get their own copy of Fearless Fred and the Flood
The cost of the book is $(NZ)20 plus $(NZ)5 to cover postage outside of New Zealand.  Payment is easy to make through PayPal – even if you do not have a PayPal account.  My email is on my Fred page, and there is a contact button on my home page called ‘get in touch’ if you want more information.  Fred has already traveled happily overseas and loves flying.  Here’s a colouring page, kindly provided by the illustrator, that your children might like to colour in.


Don’t forget to send me your postal address if you would like Fred to visit you.


Soggy and cold here right now, but hoping for a bit more sun tomorrow – and I’m sure the wee filly is as well…These pictures were taken a couple of days ago when there was some blue sky visible.

I’ve definitely got the mid-winter blues at the moment – but I’m sure I’ll come out the other end.  And Fearless Fred and the Flood is still selling well, so we may be able to eat again soon.  There are a few big puddles and ducks around here right now, so Fred would feel quite at home.

Don’t forget, if you are interested in your copy of Fearless Fred’s adventures just use my ‘get in touch’ button at the top of the page.  He is happy to travel anywhere in the world, and payment is simple with Paypal.


Don’t forget – it’s easy to purchase Fearless Fred from anywhere in the world – you can use Paypal for your purchase and I will post overseas for just $NZ5 extra.  Use my ‘get in touch’ button to ask for my email address or arrange your order.  This book is a present that your 4-6 year old will enjoy. And I am still donating $2 from every purchase to our Northland Emergency Services Trust.


This cheap postage offer can’t last forever…so take advantage, and receive your very own Fred.


There will be a lot of ‘Fred’s’ arriving out there tomorrow or the next day. Don’t forget to let me know when he arrives safely.  If you haven’t already ordered your copy get your order in now by going to my contact page. Fred sells at $NZ20, and don’t forget that $2 from every sale goes to the Northland Emergency Services Trust… Free postage within New Zealand, $NZ5 for overseas postage.

reply below with your email for more details…


I will be starting to post ‘Fearless Fred and the Flood’ out this coming week – and $(NZ)2 from every book I sell personally will be going to our local Rescue Helicopter

Read a bit about him…

Fearless Fred personifies the power of the imagination, especially for the very young.  He’s back in this new adventure, now sporting pirate garb and ready to take on fresh challenges — whatever the weather.  Prepare to be won over by a jaunty rhyming text and bright and breezy illustrations that together reveal the chaotic charm of the farmyard.  This sequel will cement Fred’s character in readers’ hearts, as the small country kid with the big imagination.  

Annemarie Florian – author and book-seller

Fred retails at $(NZ)20 and is post free within New Zealand.  Reply to this post if you are interested or reach me through my ‘contact’ page.

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