Sometimes, as a child, and I cannot remember why, I would be at home alone in the dark.  They must have been brief interludes, but from my perspective then they seemed drawn-out.  The old house appeared to mutter and seethe around me, shadows moving in from the corners.  I felt exposed and vulnerable, and always I would go outside into the warm darkness where I could hide.

the darkness
of isolation


finger pointing between the major powers
while children die in the rubble of their argument
morality buried under power struggles
by the bombs they claim not to have dropped
and the world watches, helpless to stop
this blasphemy, against humanity, against God
and our prayers bounce off the uncaring sky

I will not share the photographs of this suffering…we have all seen them.  This is humanity’s shame.


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‘Fearless Fred’ is still gaining fans…

My two and a half year old grandson Riley loves your book about Fearless Fred and the Dragon. He loves it when the possums turn into dragons. And he is thrilled to bits when he sees the tomato sauce bottle on the table, because at the moment he wants tomato sauce on everything he eats! And I like the way that you have ended the book by Fred riding off with “The End” on the back of the saddle. We wait for Fred’s next adventure! 

Thanks for the feedback Leonie Flemming.

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