Fearless Fred and the Flood

Fred’s fans will be pleased to know that Fred is back with another wonderful adventure.  This Fred is a little more grown-up but having just as much fun…

If you would to BUY FRED, just message me on my CONTACT page, and I’ll get back to you.

Fred2Rescue picturea

…and this time he’s a brave pirate.
with a few interesting friends…

and the ducks were chasing puddles


Fearless Fred and the Dragon – first story in the series…

Fearless Fred is a small boy with a great imagination.  His trip from the farmhouse to the bush block becomes a brave knight’s journey into the unknown.  Accompanied by his canine friend he overcomes dragons and dark swamps.

The beautiful illustrations are full of surprises that will delight any child.

Fearless Fred and the Dragon was shortlisted for the Storylines Joy Cowley Award in 2012.

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latest Fred cover



27 thoughts on “TO BUY FEARLESS FRED…

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  2. Best of luck with this. I hope it arrives on the international market soon. My various friends and relatives are not in the right age group, but there are several entering it over the next few years.

  3. Maureen,
    I can’t remember if I told you that we passed on our copy of Fearless Fred to a good friend who has a toddler : it’s one of his favourite bedtime stories 🙂

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  10. Hi Maureen ~ I’ve so missed your posts and recently googled your name and was so pleased to see “The Book Show” when you visited. Such a pleasure to hear and see you sharing your stories and verse and thoughts. Anyway, I’d love to buy a copy of Fearless Fred and the Dragon to use with my students. (I know they would so benefit from this and I plan to have a colander on hand.) What is the best option for you?

    • Thank you. We’ve just got back from a time away, so I have just found your comment. If you message me from the contact button at the top of my page you can reach my email and I will reply straight away…

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