Thought I’d have a try at some macro shots – don’t have a macro lens, but I added two extension tubes (10x and 15x) to my standard lens…

…ended up crawling through the grass, and getting some blurred shots of a bee’s backside.  But I did love the thistledown.

Taken on a Sony ILCE-6000 f5, ISO 100, 1/25.  I took some later shots with just the 10 x extension but I think I’ll try the 15 x on its own next.

WAITING (a haibun)

Spending time waiting is never easy, and I notice the small sounds.  Sounds of water running into the washing machine, Rod shifting his ladder as he paints.  I want to carry on with my painting, but can’t settle.  The hum of the fan becomes a background to this heat, and the waiting…

A long time since I was home.  Maybe it’s time to go back.

summer heat
and the phone rings
so far away


My second published poetry and photo book has finally arrived! – and it’s looking good.  I have half a dozen copies at a special pre-release price of $NZ15 (plus postage).  Use my ‘contact’ button to get your order in, or message me on facebook.

Just a taster:


a soft sound
as small grey feathers
from darting flight
to darkness

I hold in my hands
the remnants
of a song


© Maureen Sudlow