We passed this foal on our walk this morning. She was full of energy and the joy of simply being alive. Teenagers are the same in any language… It was hilarious watching the response of the older horses.

kicking up
and kicking over
the traces

kickin around

‘Now what’s she up to this time…’

kickin around3

‘Just wheelies Mum…’

kickin around2

praise God and keep praying – there are small signs of improvement with my niece…


Back from a walk by the river, and I think there might be kereru in the loquat, but when I get there with my camera they burst out in a flurry of loud flapping and take refuge in a nearby tree. Never mind – I’ll share a few photos from my walk instead.

windy day, and the kereru
are plundering the loquats, again
my washing is trying to break free
and there’s dust rising over the river

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