It has been dry here for weeks, and everything is drooping – including us.  Last night the moon was coloured by the dust haze in the dry air.  I went out with the dog and was hit by the brightness of the moonlight.  Unfortunately my photographic skills are not yet good enough with these shots and the moon just showed as a big white blob…

hunters’ moon
blood red on the horizon
nothing moves

You can see there are clouds building – and this morning we have some gentle rain.


It is desperately dry here.  We are watering as much as we can but much more is needed.  Luckily the pumpkins are pretty plump, but the feijoas are just not growing – still little green marbles.  The grapevine is huge and old so it is managing to survive, and the grapes are slowly changing colour.  Trouble is the wasps and birds are getting to them as they ripen.  Maybe they will leave us some.

dry leaves
waiting for the rain
that comes too late