The New Zealand New Year Honours list came out today – and I couldn’t resist this…


The New Year’s honours list is out
and much to my surprise
I didn’t get a mention
although I’m one who tries.

I hear Jane Campion’s a Dame
and all she does is write
I’ve written heaps of poetry
so where’s my gong tonight.

Dave Fagan has been made a Sir
for shearing wool off sheep
Well, Rod is good at weed-eating
It’s really rather steep.

Of course I fancy Ritchie
who’s also scored a hit.
But what about my hockey game?
I always did my bit.

I think I’ll go outside and sulk
and ponder on my fate.
I guess the biggest problem is
I left my run too late…

© Maureen Sudlow

apologies to those mentioned…


Just wanted to share the delight of this summer walk with you, my friends…

morning walk beside the still river
warmth among the wildflowers
and a sparrow on a signpost
pointing the way to another year

(click on any photo for more detail)


on the third day of Christmas
sparrows rattling the leaves
along the driveway
somewhere a skylark, singing
and Martin Guptill just hit another six

a drowsy bell-bird
sounding like a hangover
the dog sprawls in the shade
and a lazy bee idles
in the lavender

© Maureen Sudlow

This is experimental – I would welcome feedback…