I wonder if any of the keen botanists out there could identify this tree for me… It always has both green and bright red leaves, green berries and catkin-like seed-heads.

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I now have the answer to this question – the plant is Homalanthus populifolius – Bleeding Heart Tree.


Antipodes is now available from some Galleries and information centers in the upper half of the North Island, and is also available both on-line and from All Books New Zealand Ltd in Christchurch in the South Island.

A small taster below:


What is it drawing us
to the hills

to the sea

to the beaten down
remnants of homes and churches
gates loosely swinging
on protesting poles

to the weathered hulks
frames for seaweed, hanging
sweet salt tasting
among barnacled rocks

places to hide
in the curve of the hills
of retreating cliffs

where the ghosts
are all that is left

to hear the nor’wester
moaning through
the ribs of the past

what is it that draws us
blood calls to blood

© Maureen Sudlow

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