Meant to be painting a wheelbarrow of flowers for an exercise, but got bored and started throwing paint around…fun though.  The last couple of weeks have been kind of stressful, so I had to do something bright.

The original painting, which this has ended up nothing like, was from a book called ‘The Complete Watercolorist’s Essential Notebook’ by Gordon MacKenzie.



… I’m not around much at the moment.  Thought you might like this photo:

and a little poem I wrote after seeing my license reapplication form.  Gob-smacked.

at a certain age
we are called upon
to renew our driver’s license

and bureaucracy
must sacrifice some trees
for their beloved forms

mainly straightforward
until I am asked to tick
male, female, or indeterminate

I ask you, at 75
I should have decided
what sex I am
by now…


Playing with an extension tube on my Sony – these are really tiny images, hard to capture because you practically have to have your nose on whatever you are photographing…

…but this causes a certain difficulty in photographing anything that moves, because they rush away.  This is a case in point – all I could capture of this spider was his leg lol