Woke up this morning and saw this out the window. Rushed out half asleep in the dark with the camera – fiddled with the adjustments without being able to see them, and spent the next half hour trying to find out what I’d done!! The first photo isn’t bad, but the second is the result of brain fade…

…and here it is


When all beneath heaven abides in love
we work the fields with song and dance
but when all beneath heaven forgets love
war-horses rage across the land

What misery is greater than a lack of contentment
and what greed greater than the passion for gain

holding contentment within
there is where the secret lies

after Tao Te Ching (6th Century BC)



The renovations continue apace – as does the chaos.  In idle moments I’m trying to catch the essence of some lovely Spanish buildings, with the light shining down from above.  Long way to go.

The wall is now partly back in, but being an old house there are always unexpected angles to consider.  The original framing and floorboards appear to be Cedar, and in reasonably good nick, but for now they will remain covered…