I’ve always heard that pigs might fly
but never knew a cow so high
that it would float among the clouds
and smile on people passing by
just held by tethers to the earth
a cow of such amazing girth
ballooning in the sky

Today it’s quadrille at dVerse, and De wants us to write poetry using the word balloon in a poem with 44 words.


into the filtered sunlight of the bush
dampness of moss
and the sweet smell of decay

birdsong, Piwakawaka, Tui
and Kereru

precarious foothold of epiphytes
against the distant sky

grandeur of Rimu, Kahikatea and Totara
children of Tāne
holding up the clouds

each fallen giant
bringing regeneration

© Maureen Sudlow

Tāne – Maori God of the forests


Autumn is showing itself as a season of mists and mellow fruitfulness as John Keats wrote.  Mushrooms are popping up everywhere, the apples and grapes are ripe (although the birds are getting most of those).  In the park this morning a family were gathering chestnuts, and acorns litter the grass.  Down by the river fishermen were catching herring.  Couldn’t resist these images…