Day after day, despite predictions of showers, and even the esoteric ‘showers clearing’, no rain.  I no longer even think about whether I can hang out washing or not – I just do it regardless of any forecast.  Even the birds are listless, and the dog lies motionless after his morning walk.  Only the bees among the daisies.

drifting clouds
bereft of rain


It is desperately dry here.  We are watering as much as we can but much more is needed.  Luckily the pumpkins are pretty plump, but the feijoas are just not growing – still little green marbles.  The grapevine is huge and old so it is managing to survive, and the grapes are slowly changing colour.  Trouble is the wasps and birds are getting to them as they ripen.  Maybe they will leave us some.

dry leaves
waiting for the rain
that comes too late



There’s a farm pond near us that’s badly affected by the drought, and full of horrible red algae.   I photographed this white-faced heron on the dried up bank yesterday.  It had obviously been in what was left of the water because you can see the algae clinging to it’s legs.  Possibly it was looking for frogs.   What I don’t know is whether this algae is toxic for birds and other organisms.  Anyone out there know?

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parched pastures
waiting for rain
the line between

after Lusi

I was struck by the way that distant power line delineated the tree shadow.

just hanging in

These photos were taken after Cyclone Lusi.  As you can see, she hasn’t made much difference here…although some parts of the country have had heavy falls.